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Reason # 7982 August 20, 2007

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I miss B.

I know what you are all thinking, “Didn’t that boy go to school a week ago?!?!?”

He did. But if you thought I would be over it by now, you are sadly mistaken, my friend.

NEVER underestimate my ability to hold onto a good mope!
Today, I cried again when B ran from the van after morning drop off. It being week two, I wasn’t expecting it to hit me so hard. Oh, but it did.

L and I returned home and I decided I needed some retail therapy. I consulted the trusty internet to check and see if any of the department stores opened at 9 at the local mall.

Cause you know, waiting until 10 just wasn’t an option.

Luckily, JCPenny advertised they were opening at 9 am. L got some cereal, and we hopped back in the van and headed to the Promenade.

…where we were locked out of JCPenny. I stood there yanking on the door (I just couldn’t understand why the thing was locked!!) and a grumpy looking employee approached. She looked me over, cracked the door, and said, “We don’t open until 10.”

“But your website said you open at 9!!” I tried to argue. (I’m not sure if I really thought arguing was going to let me in early, but I was grumpy myself, so I gave it a good try.)

The lady stared at me for another second, then glanced out to the customer parking lot. I was obviously the only one who thought JCPenny opened at 9.

“Is that your van out there??” the woman asked.

What kind of a question….??? I turned around, where I saw my bright red minivan.

With the back HIGH IN THE AIR.

I hurried back to the van, feeling like such a dork. This is exactly why I need B around, to avoid making embarrassing mistakes like that. He would have quickly gotten my attention as I walked away from my wide open van, laughing and pointing at my silly mistake. Unlike his little sister, who I’m sure was just silently snickering to herself as we walked away.

I shut the darn van, and we killed an hour and headed back to the mall. Miss L and I found this sassy leopard print corduroy skirt at the Children’s Place.


Sweet Sassy Molassy!

It was on sale, so I applied the “spend to save” method and brought it home. And while she will be looking oh-so-cute come fall, it didn’t really help me feel better.

You know it’s a serious mope when the “spend to save” method doesn’t cheer you up.

After a moping through lunch, I decided I really needed to get out from under the dark cloud that was stalking me. So I reached deep into the “cheer myself up arsenal”, and I came out with my no-fail tactic: I was going to scrub the baseboards!

I spent nap time working on that little pet project, and while you can now see your reflection in my baseboards…. I still felt blue.

Growing up, I can’t count the number of times my mom said three little words to me: Nope, not “I love you”, but “GET OVER IT”. It’s not exactly something I’m good at.

This afternoon, we went to the school to get B. While we were gone, the UPS fairy visited our house!

We brought in our unexpected package, and opened it up to find this:


Oh, these pecans make me happy!


My grandma had sent me a giant box of pecans!! Because really, what is a southern kitchen if it doesn’t have 40 lbs of pecans in the freezer?

The pecans cracked. me. up. I have no idea why the pecans were the magic ticket, but every time I think about those pecans, I just feel happy all over. Maybe I was way off with the retail therapy and cleaning therapy, what this girl really needed was “cook a whole mess of pecan pies” therapy.

Every time I look at those pecans, I think, “Someone loved me enough to send me a giant box full of pecans!!!”

And that’s reason #7982 why I’m loving being Nannie’s granddaughter!


One Response to “Reason # 7982”

  1. Mrs. Pharris Says:


    Does Nanny need another granddaughter? LOL

    Sorry you’ve been blue. Guess you could use some ‘refreshing’ as well!

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