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Why does my minivan… have to SMELL like a minivan?? August 30, 2007

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These days I’m driving the ultimate mom-mobile…. a bright red minivan.
Most days you will see our van cruising around town, with some soft kiddie-bop music playing, B singing and L dancing along, and toys hanging from the ceiling. (B has discovered these weird velcro circles on the ceiling of the van and loves hanging toys from them. It entertains L, so I’m great with it… but what the heck do you think these things are really for???)


I was not one of those girls who swore she would never drive a minivan. I was happy to take it on! Give me a minivan, stick some babies that look like R in the back, and I’m happy.

The one thing I did promise myself is this: MY minivan would never smell like a minivan! You all know what I’m talking about… that weird sour milk- old gym socks- McDonalds combo that just about makes you sick.

I guess I underestimated the incredible ability of my little ones to generate that smell so quickly!!!

Miss L has learned the thrilling effects of turning her bottles and sippy cups upside down and shaking. B DID leave his shoes and socks under the back seat after Saturday’s baseball game. (I honestly don’t understand how I missed him running into the house barefoot, I think I must have just discovered that L had shook empty an 8 oz. bottle out on the seat next to her while we were driving home from the ball field…) And yes, while cleaning out the minivan, I do occasionally find a stray french fry… or goldfish… or yogurt container… (DON’T ask!!) And to top it off, the summer heat sure isn’t helping.

Bottom line: My minivan smells horrible!

Today we had to go out to do a little shopping. Afterwards, I loaded the kids in the van along with our purchases. I was a bit annoyed that the smell was so strong today– and there was a new smell that I couldn’t identify that had added itself to the mix… oh joy! Before we had gone into Wal-mart, I had cracked open the back window, hoping some ventilation would help. (It didn’t.) I went to walk the cart over to the coral and B yelled from the vented window, “This is the minivan monster! {giggle, giggle} I love you Mommy!! I mean I love you J {giggle, giggle, giggle!!}!! ” (I’m sure B was thinking that since the windows are tinted, I would have no idea who was randomly yelling at me!!)

I smiled as I walked back to the van… Ok, so it might really smell like a minivan, but it is filled with little minivan monsters that do look like R!! And I can always put them to bed when we get home and go start scrubbing upholstery again, right??


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