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apparently belching isn’t all he does well… September 5, 2007

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Yesterday morning, B, L and I were all sitting around the breakfast table, when B raised his hand high up in the air, looking expectantly at me like I was supposed to call on him. I said, “Yes, B?” and he let out the biggest belch I’d ever heard. (Um, I have to amend that. The biggest belch I’d ever heard that didn’t come from my sweet little sister. You just can’t even compete with her.)

After a brief plea to please not do that in class, I whisked him off to school. My day progressed, and between buying groceries, bringing poor sick R food and water, and wiping L’s endlessly runny nose, I listened to my voice mail. I was surprised to hear from the mother of a little boy in B’s class.

Honestly, at first, I was really worried… and my mind started racing. WHAT had B done now?!?! Oh, I just knew it was something bad for this poor little boy’s mama to track down my home number and call. MAN is that boy in trouble…..

But I had jumped to the wrong conclusion.

This woman told me the sweetest story on my voice mail. She said that she and her husband had been so worried about their little boy starting Kindergarten because he is so shy. She said that the first day, he came home just so excited because another little boy had been nice to him. He had been his friend all day! This mom encouraged her boy to go back to school and find out his name. He came back the second day and told her his name was “B”. She said that her son was so excited to go to school and play with B, and the transition has been so much easier than they thought it would be. Did I think it would be alright if the boys played together some time?

Oh, boy. I was just tearing up listening to that message!!

It was such a proud mama moment!!

I just had to marvel at how that same breakfast belcher could be such a wonderful friend to the shy boy at school. B sure is a rambunctious little guy, and at times has left me wondering what to do with him. But he is also such a tender hearted and sweet little boy, genuinely interested in everyone around him.

I feel so lucky to be his Mama, belches and all.


One Response to “apparently belching isn’t all he does well…”

  1. amandajean Says:

    sweet story.

    sounds a bit like my little boy, too.

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